The Ground Up
Cameron Stephens
Spring 2018
DealTalk Video Series
Cameron Stephens is proud to announce our latest DealTalk video — two downtown Toronto condominium projects by Freed.
The first project is 75 Portland, featuring two hundred and eleven 1- and 2-bedroom contemporary suites designed by Philip Starck, with high-ceilings and luxurious amenities. The second project, 346 Davenport, is a 10-storey upper-Yorkville sensation designed by the award-winning team RAW, offering spectacular views and access to the best of everything in the city.
Introducing Daniel Stewart
Executive Vice President, Western Canada
Cameron Stephens is pleased to welcome Dan Stewart to our growing team in Western Canada, responsible for originating new mortgage financing in B.C. and Alberta.
Over a span of almost 40 years, Dan has amassed a wealth of expertise in providing working capital to Canadian developers in B.C. through lenders such as Royal Trust, VanCity, and Bank of America (Vancouver).
He spent a decade as a sales and marketing consultant for Maverick Real Estate Corporation (in Vancouver, Calgary and Seattle) as well as for his own firm, Stewart Real Estate Advisors, where he developed a deep understanding of the consumer side of the industry.
In the past seven years, serving as Managing Director of Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation’s Prairie Region (Calgary office) and VP Mortgage Banking/Lending with Peoples Trust (Calgary), Dan has helped to drive the success of numerous high-density residential projects in Alberta.
Dan is a graduate of UBC’s Urban Land Economics program, Vancouver College Appraisal program, and a long-standing Professional member (RI) of of the Real Estate Institute of B.C.
Dan is an ideal fit for our firm, and we look forward to the insights and expertise that he brings to Cameron Stephens West.
Dan Stewart, RI
Market intel from Mr. Milborne
GTA Condo Market in a Nutshell — Past, Present, and Future
For 42 years, Hunter Milborne has been marketing and selling condominiums in and around the GTA. To date, the Milborne Group has sold over 105,000 units in 725 developments, generating more than $30 billion in total sales. They are the longest-operating firm in the field with the largest market share, which is why we’ve asked them to share some history and insights on this important market sector.
Milborne Group
Condominium legislation was first passed in Ontario in 1967 and B.C. in 1966, which makes the industry still fairly young and evolving. In the early years, condos were considered the poor cousins of the housing industry. They were a cheap but affordable alternative to what everyone really wanted: a single-family house or townhome.
When Milborne started out in the mid 1970s, we established the luxury condominium market in Toronto with four developments. Two on the waterfront — Harbour Square and Palace Pier — and two in midtown — Hazelton Lanes and 150 Heath. We sold Harbour Square for an average of $60 per square foot and Hazelton Lanes for the very-high-at-the-time price of $100 per square foot.
Harbour Square Condos
As a percentage of all new homes sold in the GTA in the 1970s and ’80s, condominiums remained a blip on the radar. At the end of the 1990s, however, condo ownership had become mainstream and was representing an increasing percentage of total new homes sold in the GTA. By the early 2000s, of the roughly 40,000 to 45,000 new homes sold annually in the GTA, both apartment and townhouse condominiums represented about 25 to 30%.
Then the rules changed!
Market Overview
Market Overview
Market Overview
By Tim Ryder
Assistant Vice President, Underwriting and Investment Management
Ontario Market Analysis
2017 housing starts exceeded 2016 by approximately 5.6%
Residential sales activity was approximately 19% in January 2018 than January 2017
Ontario homes sales dropped 23.3% from December 2017 to January 2018 (largely attributed to buyers moving closing dates forward to avoid new OSFI stress test)
Average home price in January 2018 is 2.3% lower than January 2017
Toronto/GTA Analysis
January 2018 residential transactions within the GTA were down 22% compared with sales reported in January 2017
New listings in January 2018 were up 17.4 % over January 2017
Average home prices have increased approximately 5.2% year over year, with growth driven primarily by the condo apartment market, which produced annual growth in excess of 10%
Alberta Market Analysis
Cameron Stephens Gives Back
Merry February
For the third year in a row CSMC graciously sponsored our “Merry February” project. By providing funds, sourcing additional donations, and giving of their time to assemble care packages for our 120 residents, the CSMC staff made a huge impact at our shelter and sent the message that they care. February is the coldest and darkest month of the year, and it’s also the month where we see the least volunteer and donor engagement. A huge thanks to everyone at CSMC for stepping up when we need it most!
The Salvation Army Gateway
Jake Aikenhead
The Salvation Army Gateway
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