The Ground Up

Spring 2017

HIP Developments

Cameron Stephens is proud to announce our latest DealTalk video — Trio on Belmont, by HIP Developments.

The Trio on Belmont rental apartment complex located in Kitchener, Ontario, was developed by Hip Developments and just completed Phase 1 last year. This incredible property is something to see and reflects how we work with our clients for successful results. We hope you will enjoy watching our new DealTalk video!

A Message from the CEO

This May we enter our 14th year in business, on the heels of our biggest year ever.

Thanks to visionary developers and an unprecedented market, Cameron Stephens’ loan portfolio recently surpassed $1 billion, a huge leap from the $25 million portfolio we started with in 2004. Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

From our offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, we expect Cameron Stephens’ portfolio to grow to $2 billion within the next three years, with institutional capital making up 80% of our business.

Over the past four months, we have added three new institutional investors that will assist in our continued growth.

On the service side, our goal is to further streamline our underwriting process and improve our approval times. We’re good, but we know we can be even better.

These past 13 years have flown by, and when people ask me what our formula is for success, the answer comes easily: agility, stability and a firm commitment to provide our clients with superior end-to-end financial solutions.

Scott Cameron - Chairman and CEO

Scott Cameron

Recently Funded Projects

Rental Apartment
240 Units
Kitchener, ON

Commercial 29,000 SF Toronto, ON

Condo & Commercial
206 residential and 24 commercial units
Markham, ON

Condos 10 Units Barrie, ON

Rental Apartment
81 Units
Guelph, ON

Book Reaches $1 Billion Mark

As of the first quarter of 2017, we are pleased to announce that deals under management have crossed the $1 billion threshold.

This is a huge milestone that keeps us on track to exceed $2 billion by 2020.

As our portfolio continues to grow, Institutional investors make up 80% of our book, and 20% continues to be private.

Market Commentary Q1 2017

By Mike Misener

Cameron Stephens remains active in all of its core markets in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Originations for the first quarter of 2017 improved, and we continue to observe good opportunities within our core markets in the first-time and first-move-up buyer demographic. With upward movement in interest rates south of the border and performance within the Canadian economy as expected, there will be pressure on the Bank of Canada throughout 2017 and early 2018 to remove some of the monetary stimulus in the economy by increasing interest rates moderately. Real GDP is expected to grow at a rate of 2% over the next few years, which will continue to support employment gains and economic stability. BC and Ontario led economic growth in Canada in 2016 and are expected to be positive contributors to overall performance in 2017. Alberta is expected to experience slightly better-than-average growth given its poor performance since 2015.

A key concern within Canada’s housing markets for 2017 will be house-price appreciation and homeownership affordability.

  • Vancouver experienced a cooling in the latter half of 2016 with the introduction of a new foreign buyer tax and the implementations of a vacancy tax. CSMC continues to observe good opportunities in the Greater Vancouver area and is focusing within the various suburban markets with projects benefiting from local amenities and good access to transportation.
  • GTA continues to experience double-digit house price appreciation, which is challenging as Lenders try to figure appropriate valuations. We do expect some government intervention in an effort to cool the rate of appreciation similar to those measures introduced in Vancouver in 2016. We will continue to focus on projects that provide an affordable housing option in strong suburban markets. We expect more availability of townhomes and condo apartments as builders and developers try to capitalize on “Places to Grow” initiatives within our municipalities.
  • Alberta appears to be well positioned for a slow and steady recovery given the extent of price depreciation and new housing supply over the past 24 months. A key challenge for the market will be the stability of Oil prices over the next 12 months but a return to positive growth in 2017 is expected which will increase consumer confidence and housing sales.