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*The information is presented as at March 31st, 2024.

Our institutional partners are vital to the growth of our company. To protect their interests, our dedicated underwriting and credit team is involved in all facets of our syndicating process, operating with precision to ensure every deal has the right metrics for success.

Specifically, this team is responsible for:

  • Adjudicating new deals on a credit basis to determine if they are a fit for Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital’s (CSMC) Lending Partners and provide guidance in the structuring of deals
  • Underwriting deals that have been supported by CSMC’s Lending Partners to submit for final credit approval
  • Syndicating deals with CSMC’s Lending Partners (negotiating terms of support for new deals and working with Lending Partners to obtain formal approval of supported deals)
  • Actively managing the portfolio of funded loans in order to ensure proper reporting to CSMC’s Lending Partners and to ensure the portfolio remains in good standing
  • Managing all legal actions related to loan enforcement and non-performing loans to ensure collection of interest and principal to CSMC’s Lending Partners




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