Toronto Under Construction is a residential real estate podcast hosted by Bullpen Consulting’s Ben Myers and co-hosted by Cameron Stephens’ Steve Cameron. This monthly podcast dives into the nitty-gritty of Toronto real estate. No topic is off limits as they discuss the important issues around development, with a specific focus on housing policy and economics.

Episode 12 - Toronto Under Construction with Naram Mansour from Carlyle Communities

In this episode, Steve Cameron and Ben Myers speak with Naram Mansour, President of Carlyle Communities. Naram discusses how he got started in the industry, shares details on the construction of some of his projects & heritage sites (hello Peter & Richmond), touches on how he thinks COVID will change the way we build communities and shares some details on his lectures at the Schulich School of Business - York University.

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Episode 11 - Toronto Under Construction with Tariq Adi from Adi Developments

As first generation builders with no portfolio handed down to them, Tariq and his brother Saud, started their development company at the young age of 24 and 25 with big goals and ambitions of doing development. Starting small with income properties, they began to build their development building with a townhouse community in Burlington. Today, they are a major player in the Burlington development space, and making moves into other markets across the GTA. The firm focuses on high-rise, low-rise, and mixed-use developments. We are excited to welcome Tariq Adi to the Toronto Under Construction podcast.

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Episode 10 - Toronto Under Construction with Dana Senagama

On this episode of Toronto Under Construction we welcome Dana Senagama. Dana is CMHC’s Principal Market Analyst responsible for the Greater Toronto Area. Prior to joining CMHC, Dana worked at the International Monetary Fund and the Corporate Head Office of the Hudson's Bay Company. Dana has a MA in economics from the University of Sussex and a BA Honours in economics from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. Dana joins the podcast to discuss CMHC’s Housing Market Outlook, a special Summer 2020 report that focuses on Canada’s major real estate markets and how they’ve been (and will be) affected by #COVID19.

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Episode 9 - Toronto Under Construction with Baker Real Estate

We are excited to welcome our first female guest to the Toronto Under Construction podcast, Ms. Barbara Lawlor. Barbara started her career in real estate in 1987 because of her fascination with architecture. It was around this time she met Pat Baker and joined her team in 1993. Now, 28 years later, Barbara is the CEO and President of Baker Real Estate, and is involved with the marketing and sales of pre-construction condominium developments in Canada and overseas and plays a key-consulting role with the development team. Barbara joins us to talk about the pre-construction condo market, and how it’s been affected by COVID restrictions over the last few months.

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Episode 8: Toronto Under Construction with Jonathan Goldman

On this week’s episode of Toronto Under Construction we welcome Jonathan Goldman, President of Stafford Developments. Johnny joins us to talk about his family history in real estate, his diverse business portfolio in cannabis, tech, as well as other start-ups, the barriers in the Toronto Real Estate industry and of course, shares his thoughts on the current COVID19 pandemic and what this will mean for our economy and our industry.

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Episode 7: Toronto Under Construction with Brad J. Lamb

Toronto Under Construction is excited to welcome Brad J. Lamb to episode 7 to talk about how he built his real estate empire and his thoughts on how COVID19 is affecting the market. From real estate agent, to broker, to now developer Brad has built his empire on recognizing opportunity within the real estate market. Brad shares with us some of those opportunities, like investing in student housing and townhomes back in the early 90’s, and how the things he learned from those ventures have helped shape the way he does business today.

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